About us

You might ask yourself how a german engineer ended up starting an ice cream company. Well, let’s connect the dots…

In 2018 I started feeling tired about being in the IT Industry, so I left my first company “Zen IT” to focus on something entirely new.

My whole life I have been gravitating to the ins and outs of cooking – and indulgence was following me from early on.

So taking my longtime passion for food as a starting point for my new business felt natural to me.

Eager to start and learn as much as possible about the industry, I interviewed founders for a podcast, worked with a coffee startup, helped a sourdough-bakery with accounting, prototyped hummus recipes, and experimented with a few pop-up brunches.

But in the end it was my own immune system leading the way to my biggest discovery so far. After being unable to get rid of an infection for three months, I finally found my personal one-stop solution:

A plant-based diet.

I was overwhelmed by the »feel good« and health benefits I experienced but at the same time shocked by the taste and texture of some of the leading products.

Especially ice cream, a blissful cornerstone of my childhood memories, disappointed me in all it’s formulated plant-based forms.

That’s when my engineer’s perspective challenged me to »reassemble« the structure, to »tune« the body, and to »fix« the taste.

And that’s how I came to start VellGoods: A nostalgic ice cream company, scientifically producing classical flavours – with your childhood memories and the planet in mind.